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Condo for rent Pattaya

New condos Pattaya

Condo for rent Pattaya, Thailand

Often planning to rest abroad, in Thailand, people long can not decide where do they live, take a room in a hotel or search for something else? Our company offers its services on the Accommodation in Pattaya . Removing the house in Thailand, you will spend much rest colorful and interesting than if you lived in the hotel. Prices for rent in Pattaya are very diverse and depend on many factors. First, of course, it's living conditions. Second, the rows lease duration shorter than - the higher the price. Many companies are not interested in short-term lease, and do not consider proposals lasting less than six months. Another factor - the season, in the winter the prices are much higher and the peak values falls on December - January. Given the conditions, all the facilities for housing, which are rented in Thailand, in their specificity can be divided into three types: flat-Gest, condos and villas (private home). 1) Apartments, Hestia, or as they are called gesthayzy - is the cheapest option, they resemble a conventional hotel rooms or apartments. Here you will be given a TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, in short, everything you need for a comfortable stay. Feature them that remove tkvartiru in Pattaya, you can at any time - from one day to a couple of months. 2) Condo - the most popular among tourists, it is a kind of apartment associations, which occupy a fairly large area, and is very well protected. They differ from the apartments Pool (sort of a mandatory attribute). Rent a condo in Pattaya is usually carried out for a period of not less than one month. 3) Villa - private homes, mostly multiple storey, designed for those who like to relax in a big way. Have their often close to the coast, which makes the rest more pleasant. Just imagine what it's like to get out in the morning on the balcony and watch the quiet nobility of the sea. Rent a house in Pattaya as you can for a couple of months, so even for a year.

Property to Rent in Pattaya and Thailand!

Sure, you can go to Thailand and try to find housing on the site on their own, but it's pretty risky, you can become a victim of fraud by removing the housing at exorbitant prices. We offer you the services of our company in the search for homes for rent in Thailand any price. With a pretty impressive experience, our experts will advise you who to rent, and someone not worth it. Consider also the fact that in the winter rush of tourists in Thailand is very impressive, so solve all the problems with housing is better in advance. A very important feature: When renting property in Thailand you must have a deposit. Deposit - a kind of collateral, which is paid to the owner that he was calm for their property. If no accidents happened, the deposit is returned to you in full. Before settlement is a contract, which specifies the cost of renting a house in Pattaya, and the size of the deposit. It is also interesting that when renting a condo in Pattaya, you are paying for their own water and electricity on the counter. If your house is not removed, for example, the Internet, you can connect it as their own. If you do decide to have a rest in Thailand, but you get tired of the monotonous usual hotel accommodation, please contact us, the company X5RealEstate help you find a house to rent, and prepare all necessary documents as soon as possible.